[thelist] Tough querystring problem!

M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Tue Mar 15 21:29:32 CST 2005

Message from Brian Delaney (3/15/2005 04:50 PM)
>Let me explain as best as I can:
>3. Each field header (TH) can be sorted asc or desc ( I use href  '+' or '-'.)
>    the href is as follows: javascript('fieldname','asc') or 'desc' if 
> they clicked the minus sign.

Bad idea. I'd never guess that +/- means ascending/descending. I'd think 
"add/remove this column". Why not little up/down arrow gifs?

>4.The javascript posts the data back to the asp page and sets a post value 
>if true then the page is refreshed based on the sort information.

I'd probably send the querystring via GET, that way it's appended to the 
URL and can be easily manipulated in the code that generates your links, 
rather than needing hidden form values.


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