[thelist] Please test my page?

Norman Bunn norman.bunn at craftedsolutions.com
Wed Mar 16 11:46:44 CST 2005

Looked at it in Firefox 1.1 and IE 6 on XP SP2.

1) Taste submenu is always open and there is a gap between the search 
nav and the media one.
2) The bottom of the "g" is cutoff in both browsers
3) I don't see a "curve at the bottom of the navigation"
4) no overlap observed
5) no freakish arrangements


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Rachell wrote:

>Hi All!
>I just finished coding this design (except for the links -- none of them
>work yet), and before implementing the design on all our pages, I want to
>make sure it's cross-browser/platform compatible.  Could you guys please
>test it? It's at: http://www.kingestate.com/newdesign/example.htm 
>I'm mainly concerned that:
>1) The sub-navs pop up when moused over (for those of you who hate MMN, I'm
>sorry, I tried having all subnavs visible, but it made the navigation look
>way too cluttered).
>2) The 'g' from the logo that overlaps the design is aligned correctly with
>the logo.
>3) The curve at the bottom of the navigation appears all in one piece and is
>not duplicated or disappears when the mouseovered elements appear.
>4) None of the elements overlap (except for the 'g' mentioned above)
>5) None of the elements are freakishly arrayed all over the place
>Thank you guys so much!
>Rachell Coe
>King Estate Winery
>541-942-9874  Ext: 136

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