[thelist] Please test my page?

Chris Johnston fuzzylizard at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 11:58:21 CST 2005

On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 09:17:58 -0800, Rachell
<rachell at kingestatewinery.com> wrote:
> Hi All!
> I just finished coding this design (except for the links -- none of them
> work yet), and before implementing the design on all our pages, I want to
> make sure it's cross-browser/platform compatible.  Could you guys please
> test it? It's at: http://www.kingestate.com/newdesign/example.htm
> I'm mainly concerned that:
> 1) The sub-navs pop up when moused over (for those of you who hate MMN, I'm
> sorry, I tried having all subnavs visible, but it made the navigation look
> way too cluttered).

The squares look a little big, but they do appear when moused over

> 2) The 'g' from the logo that overlaps the design is aligned correctly with
> the logo.

I see the g, but the bottom of it is hidden under the content area

> 3) The curve at the bottom of the navigation appears all in one piece and is
> not duplicated or disappears when the mouseovered elements appear.

What curve? The navigation is just big blocks, no curves

> 4) None of the elements overlap (except for the 'g' mentioned above)

The last navigation block has something funky going on with it, not
sure what it is though. Part of the submit button is covered up and
there is a thin black line that runs down part of the left side of the

> 5) None of the elements are freakishly arrayed all over the place

There is something very strange going on at the bottom of the
photograph. Not sure if it is the photo or the design, but it should
be removed. It is some kind of curvy thing. Could be the top of a
fence, but I am not sure.

I clicked on a few links and saw the old design. Personally I think it
looks more interesting then the new one. The new one looks way to

Hope that helps

chris johnston


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something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination, we
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