[thelist] Please test my page?

Collin Davis collin at strombergarchitectural.com
Wed Mar 16 12:40:23 CST 2005

Opera 7.54u1 on Windows vs. Firefox 1.0.1 vs. IE 6:

1. the subnavs are visible, however there's an odd sort of "jigsaw puzzle"
sort of effect going on
2. the "g" in the logo is slightly askew as compared to firefox and IE
3. curve is fine in all three browsers
4. the search area is odd - in all three browsers there is a sort of extra
button in the top right corner - very pronounced in firefox, somewhat in
opera, barely in IE.  Also the search field is very close to the bottom of
the "trade" link
5. everything looks as it should be as far as array

Hope this helps

Collin Davis
Web Architect
Stromberg Architectural Products
e     collin at strombergarchitectural.com
w     http://www.strombergarchitectural.com
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Hi All!

I just finished coding this design (except for the links -- none of them
work yet), and before implementing the design on all our pages, I want to
make sure it's cross-browser/platform compatible.  Could you guys please
test it? It's at: http://www.kingestate.com/newdesign/example.htm 

I'm mainly concerned that:
1) The sub-navs pop up when moused over (for those of you who hate MMN, I'm
sorry, I tried having all subnavs visible, but it made the navigation look
way too cluttered).
2) The 'g' from the logo that overlaps the design is aligned correctly with
the logo.
3) The curve at the bottom of the navigation appears all in one piece and is
not duplicated or disappears when the mouseovered elements appear.
4) None of the elements overlap (except for the 'g' mentioned above)
5) None of the elements are freakishly arrayed all over the place

Thank you guys so much!

Rachell Coe
King Estate Winery
541-942-9874  Ext: 136


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