[thelist] VeriSign payflow updates - anyone else dealing with this?

Ivo P ipletikosic at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 12:44:34 CST 2005

Today was the day that VeriSign switched their Payflow link service to
different servers with different technology. Has anyone evaluated this
change and knows what it involves?

I thought no additional evaluation of the service would be necessary
after their update but it is apparent the service has changed. Or at
least the user experience.

My branding that the VeriSign payflow site used is gone, no idea how
to get it back up again. The whole look-n-feel is different. The error
messages presented to users in case of problems are quite sparse (such
as 'Data Entry Error') .

These are two initial impressions, seems I might have to reevaluate
the service to see if I should stick with it.

I am a bit concerned since the material VeriSign sent out only
mentioned switching servers for the service, I assumed everything else
would stay the same. I havent heard back from VeriSign reps and cant
find any fuller desciption of upgrades/modifications to the service
other than switching servers.

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