[thelist] Please test my page?

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Mar 16 12:53:03 CST 2005

Rachell Coe asked:

>>Could you guys please test it? It's at: 

Hi Rachell,

Looks mostly good IE5.5 on winbox.  (I see the curve. Pretty nice.)  ;-)

Possible items to check on:

* Popup navigation above the "Taste" menu is always expanded - never

* Same for the popup above the search box.

* Some of the submenu items are "too long" and don't fully appear:
	- "Merchand" in the 'Shop' menu
	- "Newslette" in the 'Enjoy' menu

* Noticeable gap between "The Estate" and "Gardens" where it spans the
two columns.

+1! - I like the nice 'grape' photo on the domaine page.

-1! - Only ship to "parts of Texas"? ...  Booger! (My part I hope.)



[Is spelling "Domaine" with a trailing 'e' an Oregon thing - or a winery

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