[thelist] re: Rapid IA Prototyping

Daniel LeVangie-Stricklen muraii at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 16 14:41:35 CST 2005

Personally, I have to say this depends upon project
type, budget, 
deadline and

audience.  I've used everything from Paper Prototypes 
(http://www.paperprototyping.com/) to HTML Wireframes
to Flash-based 
(and nearly fully-functionaly UI prototypes,
interactive site mapping 
and flows 
within Flash, as well).

I'm sure that only helps with part of the dilemma,
assuming it helps at 

It does help, in that there isn't any one whiz-bang
solution I'm overlooking, which would tend to mean big
money.  What I think I'd like to do is open
Illustrator (or maybe even something lower-end, so I'm
not tempted with a bunch of bells and whistles), and
put together a bunch of generic interface widgets. 
Then, I can copy and paste, move 'em around, align
them, and all fairly quickly.

I'm tempted to just use Excel, given that that's where
most of our stuff will reside for at least the next
year, and given that by and large layout in Excel is
really heavily restricted to rows and columns
(excepting user forms); but it's so cumbersome to do
I'd rather not.

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