[thelist] <div> vs <li> for Pull-Down Menus & Opera

Christian Heilmann lists at onlinetools.org
Wed Mar 16 16:05:59 CST 2005

Rachell wrote:

>Using CSS, I've coded 2 pages for pull down menus -- one using <div> tags
>(http://www.kingestate.com/newdesign/Domaine/Estate/Gardens.htm)and the
>other using <li> (http://www.kingestate.com/newdesign/example.htm - which is
>one you guys recently tested)
>Using www.browsercam.com/ it seems the page using <div> shows up correctly
>in Opera -- while the <li> doesn't (the mouseovers don't work and the subnav
>shows up below the navigation, or doesn't show up at all).  
>Is Opera such a minor player problems like this can be ignored?  And if not,
>why are most pull-down menus coded using <li> instead of <div>?  Are there
>problems using <div>'s like this?
A navigation marked up as a list also has semantic value - a list groups 
elements together and gives them a meaning. A bunch of divs simply 
represent page divisions, and don't have any semantic  meaning 
whatsoever. Without style sheets, a UL navigation still represents an 
entity, a list with divs not.

No browser should stop us from using the right element for the job.

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