[thelist] Re: Rapid IA Prototyping

Emagin emagin at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 16:31:03 CST 2005

Hi Daniel

Wanted to drop my .02 in here and say that I'm a big fan of Visio.

I have a few requirements to do fast prototypes:

1) Objects/Shapes must link and have basic 'intelligence' (to move, grow,
allow formatting, etc.)
2) Must support smart templates and sections so I can print out a large
document without repeating info
3) Capable to rapid push to HTML 

Visio can do all these but more importantly, because it is truly ODBC aware,
you can link it up to all kinds of data to generate graphical info
dynamically. This is a bit overkill, but it can come in handy for larger

Ok so here are some great links for you:
http://www.guuui.com/issues/02_03_02.php     For web-pages this is awesome
and soo powerful
http://tinyurl.com/5desv	More for UML (weak in Visio) but interesting
http://tinyurl.com/6o76g	This is not so useful but gives you a
glimpse into power / possibilities

Drawback of Visio is that it's Win32 only.

Good luck

: I've read a few things about how various web designers 
: prototype their designs (Jason Santa Maria's Grey Box Method 
: [http://www.jasonsantamaria.com/archive/2004/05/24/grey_box_me
: thod.php]
: chief among them).  I have two questions for the list:
: (a)  What do you use as a method for prototyping?
: (b)  Do you do something differently if it's another IA 
: document, say, an application interface or document template?

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