[thelist] Please test my page?

M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Wed Mar 16 19:19:26 CST 2005

Message from Chris Johnston (3/16/2005 01:58 PM)

>There is something very strange going on at the bottom of the
>photograph. Not sure if it is the photo or the design, but it should
>be removed. It is some kind of curvy thing. Could be the top of a
>fence, but I am not sure.

I saw this too, it's in the photo itself and seems to be a design element. 
It's mirrored just below the navigation links. Is that the "curve" you were 
referring to? If it was, it works fine.

>I clicked on a few links and saw the old design. Personally I think it
>looks more interesting then the new one. The new one looks way to

At the risk of ruffling any feathers I have to say I agree with Chris, the 
only thing I like in the new design over the old is the colours. Other than 
that it's rather ho-hum boring. The typography in the other site was better 
with the bright headers and paragraph spacing. Plus I liked the curves in 
the design.

In Opera 7.5 the curve of the G is not aligned, it's off to the left by a bit.

I noticed lots of the other problems other people mentioned too - the GO 
button, the TASTE menu always being displayed, the "jigsaw" effect. The 
jigsaw effect seems to be because the links in the submenu are wider than 
the container so they're overlapping.

Did you want any other feedback on the design or just those things you 


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