[thelist] Odd CSS selection loophole ...

e-head ebone+thelist at dotsandloops.net
Wed Mar 16 21:51:26 CST 2005

On 03/16/05 19:18 or thereabouts, M. Seyon scribbled:
> Message from e-head (3/16/2005 03:00 PM)
> >I think I found a weird "selection" loophole in css.
> >
> >Logically, I need "all *anchor* tags that have a *img* tag as a child"
> >... i.e.  <a href=""><img src=""/></a>
> >
> >I need to apply styles to *a* tags with this nesting structure.
> >
> >via css .... one can select only tags "with certain parents" ... but not
> >only tags "having certain children" it would seem.
> May I ask what you want to do that requires this? Maybe there's another way 
> to accomplish what you want.

Ohh, it can definetly be done using another method ... right now I have a
class that I add all <a> tags too that fit this criteria (have a child
<img> element).

I was just going through and cleaning up my code, and trying to make it
as "nice" as possible ... I was just surprised I couldn't do away with
this class, which I always assumed was there out of laziness on my part.
But I'm staring to think it's the only way.

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