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Matt Warden mwarden at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 14:28:26 CST 2005

This was posted by 'dan' on the Smarty list. Thought it might be
helpful. Reposted with permission.

<tip author="dan" type="Smarty">

This one bit me in the butt... but only on IE mac 5.2 (don't ask!).

When you use {cycle} to apply alternating CSS classes watch out that you
don't leave spaces in the values parameter:

{* this implements a table with rollover behaviour *}
{* it would normally be in a section or foreach *}
{* this version breaks in IE 5.2 Mac NOT tested in other IE *}
<TR class="{cycle name="x" values="row_color_1, row_color_2"}"
onmouseout="this.className='{cycle name="y" values="row_color_1,
style="cursor: pointer">

if you leave the space between the values as in:

values="row_color_1, row_color_2"

IE mac 5.2 doesn't like it and doesn't show the row!

To be sure, just remove the space like so:



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