[thelist] multiple calenders/ "agenda's"

Jeroen Wijers info at internetvraagbaak.nl
Fri Mar 18 06:05:24 CST 2005

Before we start writing our own code maybe some one on thus list knows a 
good application..
We are going to build a  calender/agenda system where visitor can make 
appointments, view events etc...
but then not for one company.. but for different separate companies en 

So they all should have their own "administration" backend....
Maybe even with a clients ticket system for sending mail back and forth 
through the website....
But i think these are more probable separate systems we just need to connect 

Preferable ( if that is the right word ;-) ) written in php with mysql dbase 
for linux .... what else .... ;-)

 Thank you!
 and Well..... Thank God or your boss ;-)  it is friday.


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