[thelist] Those damnable pop-ups

Jay Blanchard jay.blanchard at niicommunications.com
Fri Mar 18 06:23:14 CST 2005

Good morning,

I have managed to catch one of those dreaded "create pop-ups even though
IE is not running" virus'/spyware things. This started yesterday and I
have managed to reduce the number and frequency of the pop-ups by
running SpyBot S&E, Ad-Aware, and M$'s new AntiSpyware thing multiple
times. However, I am still getting some pop-ups (there is one now and
the only thing running is Outlook) and cannot seem to find a way to fix.
I have Googled and Yahoo'd and tweaked the registry until I am blue in
the face.

Does anyone know of other things I can do to eliminate this shy of
re-installing everything?


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