[thelist] .js instead of csshover.htc?

Rachell rachell at kingestatewinery.com
Fri Mar 18 11:42:55 CST 2005

I would like to use javascript behaviors instead of csshover.htc to make my
submenu's appear (I've heard the csshover is causing a lag time in IE, and
they are not showing up correctly in Opera), but the only way I've been able
to make it work with js is to put all the navigation into <div>'s and then
toggle the nested <div>'s visibility.  I would much rather continue using
the <li> but have been unable to figure out a way to make it work using js.

Does anyone know how this can be done?

The page is at: background-color:

Rachell Coe
King Estate Winery
541-942-9874  Ext: 136

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