[thelist] OT-transfer files from Win95 to newer Mac

Peter Loron peterl at standingwave.org
Fri Mar 18 12:38:42 CST 2005

If the PC has a NIC, then you should just be able to connect the 
machines through a hub/switch (or crossover cable to go direct). Turn on 
Windows File Sharing on the Mac, and then connect to that share from the 
PC. Copy away.


D. Bruce Saurer wrote:
> I've been asked to help a friend of a client
> transfer some files from his ancient Win95 box
> to a newer Mac. I think it's an iMac.
> Ideally, he'd like file sharing between the two
> but, transfer of "critical" files is acceptable.
> I apologize for the lack of info here as I'm not
> even sure what these "critical" files consist of.
> At one time I used Dave to connect an OS9 era
> laptop to a Win98/2000 work group. Is this possible
> with Win 95? Any suggestions would be most welcome.
> TIA (tip to follow)

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