SPAM-LOW: Re: [thelist] How do you ping in asp?

Peter Brunone ( peter at
Fri Mar 18 16:12:35 CST 2005

   Funny how the clued-in people waited until AFTER we made fools of ourselves before they chimed in :-D

   Nice of the blogger community to hijack that term for their own purposes; it's not often that I can say I learned something today, and furthermore, that I'm annoyed by it. ;-)

From: Mattias Thorslund mattias at

I think several respondents have misunderstood: As I understand it,
"ping" is also blog-speak for automated notifications that a blog site
has been updated.

Check out Several more links from there. Good luck!


Christian Anderson wrote:

>I'm making a blog in ASP and I am at the point now where I'm going to set up
>pinging when new posts are published.
>How does this work exactly? Do you have to pass some kind of parameters to
>the sites that accept pings?
>Christian Anderson ?????????????

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