[thelist] Display block on list items in IE

Michele Foster (WizarDev) michele at wizardev.ca
Sat Mar 19 09:05:03 CST 2005

Hi Folks,

Can anyone see what I've done wrong.  The menu items on the left are not
"blocked" in IE-based browsers.  One must position their mouse over the
words before the item changes colour (subtle I know) and the item is
clickable.  I'd like the entire width of the menu item clickable, especially
the "Donate Now" block.

Here's the template page:   http://tinyurl.com/6jt3e

Any other comments/feedback appreciated.  Only the one template page is done
at the moment (depending on when you look at it, of course :), print view is
not done.

Michele Foster
402-100 Boteler Street
Ottawa, ON  K1N 8Y1
mailto:michele at wizardev.ca

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