[thelist] Display block on list items in IE

Dave Merrill dmerrill at usa.net
Sat Mar 19 11:08:33 CST 2005

Not sure what the issue is with the menu. I have a page that does a much
busier version of a similar thing, and does work in that respect, on IE6,
55, and 5. Other things don't work right in any browser except in IE6 but
that does.

It's here, FWIW: http://users.rcn.com/dmerrill/. (I have a Flash version in
the works, but not soup yet.)

Couple ideas, untested:

- What happens if you set the list items to block, rather than the anchors
within them?

- How about setting the width on the anchors to 100%?

Looks nice in general. I like the gradient highlighting for new menu
sections, nice idea.

Other minor things:

- Is the dark green block in Radio Scripts link item in the nav bar there to
indicate the current page? If so, it doesn't seem either very clear or
particularly attractive (IMO of course).
  One idea that occurred to me (maybe bogus) for that indicator is to move
the list-item triangle to the right side, point to the left. It would both
be there, and leave a space on the left where it wasn't.

- The logo in the lower right corner is pretty light.

- As you mentioned, the hover color change in the menus is pretty darn

- IE5/win makes a bit of a mess of the menu; not completely terrible, not
the look you want though.


Dave Merrill

> Can anyone see what I've done wrong.  The menu items on the left are not
> "blocked" in IE-based browsers.  One must position their mouse over the
> words before the item changes colour (subtle I know) and the item is
> clickable.  I'd like the entire width of the menu item clickable,
> especially
> the "Donate Now" block.
> Here's the template page:   http://tinyurl.com/6jt3e
> Any other comments/feedback appreciated.  Only the one template
> page is done
> at the moment (depending on when you look at it, of course :),
> print view is
> not done.
> Thanks,
> Mich
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