[thelist] to-do list/project management tool

Sarah Sweeney mr.sanders at designshift.com
Mon Mar 21 08:47:06 CST 2005

I'm trying to work out a better process for working with one of my 
clients. They have a fairly large site with a content management system 
that is constantly a work in progress. When I originally built the site, 
at one point we said that any new features would have to wait for 
Version 2. The "Version 2 To-do List" has grown and grown since then 
(the site has been live for almost two years), with new items being 
added faster than other items can be completed.

The client seems to be fairly happy with this arrangement. The problem I 
am running into is the client forgetting which items she previously 
asked me to work on right now, and deciding she wants to focus on 
something else, or just asking me to do seemingly small things that take 
large chunks of time away from working on larger improvements she wants 
for the site.

What I'd like is to have a to-do list that she can see all the time, 
up-to-date, including the status of items I am working on. I'd also like 
her to be able to prioritize the list, and change priorities as much as 
she wants, except for items I am working on already. I think this will 
give her a clearer idea of how much has yet to be done, how much she has 
asked for, what I am working on, etc, while also giving her a greater 
sense of control over what will be done next.

I'm not exactly sure what such a tool would be called, or if such a 
thing even exists. Does anyone have any suggestions for something we 
could use, or possibly something open source that we could use as a 
starting point?

Sarah Sweeney
web developer & programmer
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