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Zug, Bryan Bryan.Zug at seattlechildrens.org
Tue Mar 22 11:44:01 CST 2005

Im looking for inspiration for what kind of tasks to set - can anyone 
think of good tasks to set (its for a dating site) or point me to some 
good resources?

I'm a big advocate of the open ended methodology Steve Krug advocates in
"Don't Make Me Think". He has a sample script on his website at --


One of the main ideas behind the open-endedness is that more concrete
direction will begin to color your data and give you results that are not
indicative of normal users. 

May not be the best approach for your project, but it's the one I use most
of the time. Lots of research methodology advantages to keeping it simple
and open-ended.

Cheers --


Bryan Zug
WBT Developer
Children's Hospital
Seattle, WA

"The comedy of man survives the tragedy of man."
-  G.K. Chesterton, 'All things Considered'
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