[thelist] css background image crashes when scrolling..

Jeroen Wijers info at internetvraagbaak.nl
Wed Mar 23 03:23:19 CST 2005


maybe some one knows what this is... i never had any problem except with 
this website:

1 problem might be is that the praticise info is loaded into an Iframe.... 
oef i don't like them at all but oke...
But if i scroll the picture just crashed randomly.....
This is my css.:
.backgroundpicture {
background-image: url(http://www.psycholoogdirect.nl/images/sunny.gif);
 background-position: center;
 background-repeat: no-repeat;



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> For scrolling content in IE, I use a span with explicit height
> (e.g. height:200px;) and overflow-y:scroll; what is the DOM equivalent?
> I seem to remember that the W3C standard only supports the general
> "overflow" style and not individual settings for vertical and horizontal
> overflow, but even with that knowledge, I can't get my span to scroll in
> Firefox!  Any suggestions?
> TIA,
> Peter
> P.S. A sample page you can look at is
> http://judgerhea.brunone.com/about.aspx (please ignore the many tables
> and other non-standard stuff; trust me, this isn't the time).
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