[thelist] using music in a sales presentation

Chris George cgeorge at basecorp.com
Wed Mar 23 22:31:06 CST 2005

Are they just asking for a loop or some sort of generic background track
that is easy on the ears, or do they have a hankerin' for some AC/DC -
Dirty Deeds.mp3 or...?

If it's a generic muzak loop you're after, believe it or not most houses
that create multimedia usually roll their own - you don't need a whole
lot of music skill (or time) to create something 1/2 decent in say

Good luck.


Incidentally, copyrighted music + sales presentation == bad news.
Chances are that could be construed as "making money", and thus frowned
upon. But IANAL.
> Hi there.
> My client wants to use music in their corporate presentation, 
> which we have designed. This will be used when they present 
> to clients.
> What do people normally do to source music? What is the legal 
> requirement for this type of thing???
> Any guidance would be appreciated.

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