[thelist] One to many interactive broadcasting?

Amy Johnson amy at rocky-hills.com
Wed Mar 23 22:57:31 CST 2005

>Nothing like a little pressure to get things going :-)

Yeah, no kidding!  

>What do you mean by broadcast--video, audio, text? Also, once the
>broadcast is done do you need to archive it some where? Will this be a
>live phone-in broadcast or something that is prerecorded? Some more
>details would help.

No, at this point he just wants to do it by text.  People will send in
questions by typing them, he'll have someone sorting through the
questions for him and he'll by typing in his responses.  He mentioned
possibly doing it by video in the future but right now he just wants the
text capabilities.

Also I forgot to mention that we don't own his server - he's hosted by
FutureQuest which may limit our ability to have chat software.


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