[thelist] One to many interactive broadcasting?

Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Wed Mar 23 23:58:04 CST 2005

Amy Johnson wrote:
>>Nothing like a little pressure to get things going :-)
> Yeah, no kidding!  
>>What do you mean by broadcast--video, audio, text? Also, once the
>>broadcast is done do you need to archive it some where? Will this be a
>>live phone-in broadcast or something that is prerecorded? Some more
>>details would help.
> No, at this point he just wants to do it by text.  People will send in
> questions by typing them, he'll have someone sorting through the
> questions for him and he'll by typing in his responses.  He mentioned
> possibly doing it by video in the future but right now he just wants the
> text capabilities.
> Also I forgot to mention that we don't own his server - he's hosted by
> FutureQuest which may limit our ability to have chat software.

I've had experience with Groopz, so I'll highlight it here:

Groopz [ http://www.digi-net.com/technology/groopz/ ]

This is from the same people that have DigiChat.  Its Java based, and 
hosted on their servers, so requirements for your client should be minimal.

There are two components to the service. One is the client applet, which 
is launched via a link from your page, and the second is the 
administration panel, which is a Java based application that you run on 
your computer.  It has some advanced features such as pushing people to 
a page, etc. Its more for tech support, but it could come in handy 
depending on your client's needs.

Live video chatting is another beast.  I've seen some very promising 
stuff when the Flash MX Remoting (?) server came out, so that would be 
where I'd look first.

Hope this helps :)

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