[thelist] Marking up the right way

Andy Warwick mailing.lists at creed.co.uk
Thu Mar 24 04:42:56 CST 2005

>> Hello all,
>> I'm working on a sort of phonelist thing and I'm spending time  
>> thinking
>> about how best to mark this thing up so it makes sense.
>> Some background: User will enter search criteria, system returns an
>> abbreviated set of results (i.e. shows Name, Telephone, Title, Dept  
>> and
>> Room) for each person in the result set. The user can then click on  
>> the
>> name and it will open up and reveal extended information on that
>> person.
>> So I'm thinking that although the result sets fall neatly  enough into
>> table data, the expansion thing is problematic.

Suggest you take a look at the following, which dropped into my RSS  
feed this morning. Sounds like it might be an ideal solution:


You still get the issue of people without Javascript seeing *all* the  
info upfront, but that might not be a problem depending on length.



Andy Warwick
Creed New Media. <http://www.creed.co.uk>

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