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Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Sun Mar 27 07:03:02 CST 2005

Christian Heilmann wrote:

> Well, I am totally on your side, we all are, but marketing people only 
> believe in figures. So unless you do know about a statistic or a 
> research document to back your likes up, you evangelise without much 
> output.

A recent research study conducted by the market intelligence team at 
Harte-Hanks examined 700 permission-based email campaigns involving 4.25 
million email addresses to uncover the strategic and creative practices 
of successful email marketing. The study primarily focused on b-to-b 
campaigns in telecom and technology markets that were designed in 
accordance with DMA ethical guidelines.

Here are actual click-through response rate ranges, broken out by type 
of campaign:

Purpose of Email Campaign	Response
	                         Average	High	Low
General Marketing	         1.3 %	        25.0 %	0.2 %
Market Research	                 4.1 %	        21.0 %	0.5 %
Sales Promotion	                 1.7 %	        10.3 %	0.1 %
Offline Seminar Invitation	 1.0 %	        9.2 %	0.1 %
Subscription Offer	         1.4 %	        3.8 %	0.1 %
Online Seminar Invitation	 1.0 %	        3.6 %	0.0 %

Although an email campaign does fail, but the potential numbers are 
still too good to ignore. For the same budget, an email campaign can 
touch twice as many prospects as a traditional direct mail campaign, if 
not more.

 From http://www.destinationcrm.com/articles/default.asp?ArticleID=2714

I guess I'll be sharpening up my spam filters. :(

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