[thelist] Wierd MySQL Behavior

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Mon Apr 4 09:11:36 CDT 2005


Maybe I'm missing something here.. I was at this piece of SQL over the
weekend and while my (mysql_num_rows == 0), MySQL also said "returning 0 of
0 rows (Displaying 1 record)" And it actually showed the record that I
wanted to pull up.

For fun, here is the query:

SELECT v.vid, v.x_company, v.VendorDescription, w.productid,
p.ProductPicture FROM TMDVendors v, TMDProducts p, TMDVendoroftheWeek w
WHERE v.vid = p.vid AND v.vid = w.vid AND p.productid = w.productid AND
startdate <= '20050404' and enddate > '20050404'

The one record had a startdate of 20050403 and an enddate of 20052404

Any idea as to why I'm getting two different answers from the same query?

Rob Smith

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