[thelist] Frontpage verses Dreamweaver

VOLKAN ÖZÇELİK volkan.ozcelik at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 13:39:24 CDT 2005

Here is my experience: 
Do not use Dreamweaver for WYSIWYG design: it messes things up.
Howevever I cannot say that DW is totally useless, it has builtin
templates, code snippets. It cleans word HTML. It has collaboration
capability etc. etc.
But imho, it is far too bloated.

If you are to use DW, use it in code-view mode, not in design view mode.

When it comes to front page: don't you ever think of using it. If you
are using it, then stop using it! These are my personal thoughts
though, if there are any advantages of using frontpage, I'd be glad to

If you want to use something dreamweaver or frontpage-like but you
don't want the app to alter your code, re-indent lines (and thus the
ugly zig-zag pattern in the source - when I examine the source code of
a page, it takes less than a second to deduce "a ha! yet another
dreamweaver generated pile of code"), re-format the tag cases etc etc.
use Allaire Homesite (if you can find one, it's an excellent HTML
editor, imho)

Personally, I use editplus (http://www.editplus.com) for my templates,
htmls, client-side code and some server-side code development, I
either use editplus or topstyle pro (http://www.topstyle.com - for
it's color-scheme matching capabilities: it calculates the triads,
harmonics etc of a given color, plus it has autoformat capabilities
which logically groups selectors ids etc) for css generation. They are
more than enough for my html-design needs.

My point is, if something slightly more complicated than notepad (i.e
editplus) is enough for all your HTML needs, why waste so much money
on the license of DW? (of course, I assume that you want to use the
product in legal means without ripping or cracking it etc.
Have I used DW by ethical means - that's another story :)

On Apr 10, 2005 4:04 PM, Niceperrson at aol.com <Niceperrson at aol.com> wrote:
> Is it easier to desigh web pages in dreamweaver instead of frontpage Does
> anyone use dreamweaver if so what is your experience.
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