[thelist] Dreamweaver versus Frontpage versus Notepad

David Hogg david.hogg at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 08:00:03 CDT 2005

Notepad is a simple text editor. It can be used for Web site design just 
like any other text editor (such as Textpad). As text editors pure and 
simple these are useful tools. But for editing Web sites text editors are 
extremely laborious since you have to enter all HTML tags and other coding 
character by character as if it were plain text. Consequently, neither 
Notepad nor any other simple text editor is ideal for Web site design and 
they are not to be recommended.

I personally have never used FrontPage.

Dreamweaver is excellent. The advantage of this kind of Web editor is that 
virtually all tasks associated with the design of a Web page are automated. 
The HTML tags, for example, do not have to be typed in full. Just type the 
first few characters and the whole of the start tag and the end tag as well, 
if necessary, are inserted. You can choose between WYSIWYG editing and code 
editing. You can view the results as many times as you like in browsers 
before uploading the page to the Web. And so on. 

Another advantage of Dreamweaver is that it can be made to work in 
conjunction with great HTML editors, such as HomeSite, and CSS editors, such 
as TopStyle. You choose the editor you want to use. You can then easily move 
between Dreamweaver and the chosen editor and beck again, saving your work 
as you go along. 

Furthermore, Dreamweaver also offers a built-in FTP program. This means that 
you do not need to leave the Dreamweaver application in order to upload or 
download files to and from the server you are using.

So in my opinion Dreamweaver is the way to go. It seems a bit complicated in 
the beginning. But it certainly pays to find out how to use it.

Best wishes,
david.hogg at gmail.com

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