[thelist] Dreamweaver versus Frontpage versus Notepad

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Mon Apr 11 09:40:25 CDT 2005

mac jordan wrote:

>I agree about its WYSIWYG mode, mind - and like you, all my code is 
>templated and included, so WYSIWIG is no use to me. And I also agree about 
>the FTP side - CVS/Subversion is the proper way to go from test server to 
>live :)
I'm interested in using version control systems in this way - can anyone 
suggest easy to install & administer options for standalone PC or small 
PC network?

Currently using DW to manage remote sites, and before current project 
goes live, need to sort out versioning and rollback solutions to prevent 
horrible meltdowns...


Ian Anderson

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