[thelist] Dreamweaver versus Frontpage versus Notepad

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 09:56:36 CDT 2005

> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> : Later in the process some .NET developer will mess
> : up your templates with the design view of Visual Studio,
> : no need to already start with tagsoup.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Any decent web development firm doesn't use Visual Studio.NET's design
> surface to build HTML (well, not for production anyway). The design surface
> is useful for other things (WinForms apps, or for giving you a visual
> interface to components) and I think firms that use it to create HTML are the
> same type as those you put down for using WSYIWYG editors.
> In any case, surely if you build a decent sized project you would have a base
> class that inherits from Page as your template? Or be looking to use Master
> Pages (for v2 development)? So Visual Studio.NET wouldn't touch your template
> then? :-)

Yes, full ACK, however when the .NET work is the other company in the
same project or the outsourced cheap labour workshop then it might

I never claimed Visual Studio .NET to be an editor even to think about
if you only do xhtml/css/js stuff, unless you think you have too much
harddisk space and resources...

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