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> The form is a simple email contact form.  It collects name, 
> email address 
> and has a message field.  I did google the question and
> have been looking for about two hours.
> Perhaps there is reputable free form processing out there?  Or some 
> other option.

If Request.Form.Count > 1 Then

   Dim strEmail
   Dim strName
   Dim strMessage
   Dim oMail

   strEmail = Request.Form("email")
   strName = Request.Form("name")
   strMessage = Request.Form("message")

   Set oMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")
   With oMail
      .From = strEmail
      .To = "your at email.com"
      .Subject = "Website Email Form"
      .Body = strMessage
   End With
   Set oMail = Nothing

End If

Try something like this. It's untested, but should be fundamentally


Chris Marsh

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