[thelist] Why do I get =20

Brooking, John John.Brooking at sappi.com
Tue Apr 12 10:33:29 CDT 2005

David Hogg sez:
> I haven't quite understood why my message to the list is posted 
> with a let of "=20" bits in it. Where do they come from and how 
> do I avoid them in futur?

I get that too, including on your message, and most of the ones I send
to the list. Also often "=3D" for equals signs. I think it must be some
combination of the sender's email client, the way the message is
processed, and/or the receiver's email. I've only ever seen it happen on
this list, but then, this is the only list I'm currently on. I'm on
Outlook 2003, you?

Also, I get the digest version. Don't know if that matters; I just
mention it in case it might.

- John

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