[thelist] multiblog / aggregator tool

Javier Velasco mantruc at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 11:20:38 CDT 2005

Hi All

I'm in search of tools to allow a group of people maintain a blog that
adds all their posts into a central area chronologically, as a means
to generate discussion among them.

I also need a tool to aggregate feeds from several sources into a
central page, and categorize them.

I get the impression that there are tools to solve both problems at
once, but I'm not sure.

Ideally we'd keep this to a minimal cost, it's for an non-profit org.

I'm looking to examine two options:

1 - Rely on free web services for doing this.

I've been playing some with Bloglines and Yahoo! 360, but I'm still
not sure how to achieve this with those systems.

2 - Find some open source tool that we can install on our server,
although this could eventually be a non-option, since our access to
the servers is full of restrictions.

thanks in advance

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