[thelist] multiblog / aggregator tool

Bryan Rieger dev at yiibu.com
Tue Apr 12 11:40:55 CDT 2005

Check out Drupal http://drupal.org

It allows for multiple users to each create blogs that can be pushed to the
front page of the site. It also includes an feed aggregator, comments, feed
publishers, etc.

Bit of a learning curve, but free and open with a vibrant user community.
Depending on your client's needs you might want to check out Bryght
http://bryght.com which is a hosted Drupal service - takes the pain out of
having to admin/patch/upgrade the server software and db.



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> Hi All
> I'm in search of tools to allow a group of people maintain a 
> blog that adds all their posts into a central area 
> chronologically, as a means to generate discussion among them.
> I also need a tool to aggregate feeds from several sources 
> into a central page, and categorize them.
> I get the impression that there are tools to solve both 
> problems at once, but I'm not sure.
> Ideally we'd keep this to a minimal cost, it's for an non-profit org.
> I'm looking to examine two options:
> 1 - Rely on free web services for doing this.
> I've been playing some with Bloglines and Yahoo! 360, but I'm 
> still not sure how to achieve this with those systems.
> 2 - Find some open source tool that we can install on our 
> server, although this could eventually be a non-option, since 
> our access to the servers is full of restrictions.
> thanks in advance
> javier
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