[thelist] Frontpage verses Dreamweaver

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed Apr 13 21:02:15 CDT 2005

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: Subject: RE: [thelist] Frontpage verses Dreamweaver
: Actually, to kill this flame war before it gets 
: started, I have to emphatically back up the original 
: statement.
: A Google search for "why frontpage sucks" reveals this 
: article, which more accurately summarizes my complaints:
: http://www.whatdoiknow.org/archives/000461.shtml#000461

- Talks abouut-of-date version of Frontpage (this is my biggest problem with
the article). Prior to FP2003, FP completely sucked as a HTML design tool.
FP2003 is vastly improved (and it's been out for 2 years now - there's no
point looking at tools from 1998 or similar). If you want to use articles on
the web to back up your point, make sure they talk about current products.

- Complains about FPSE without explaining why

- Attributes Office round-trip code to Frontpage (not sure why, maybe a
comment made in ignorance)

- Says he now uses CGI. But if this is a Windows box, he should not be using
CGI due to the incredibly poor performance you get (as CGIs run in separate
processes that need to be spun up each time they are accessed). That's why
ISAPI exists (or NSAPI, or an appropriate API for the webserver in question

: Frontpage SUCKS.  Don't use it.

Use the tool that works for you. I don't use Dreamweaver MX because the
debugger is useless (last time I checked). But I don't say "Dreamweaver
sucks, don't use it".



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