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Thu Apr 14 08:47:46 CDT 2005

On 4/14/05, Christian Heilmann wrote:
> And keeps people from properly diving into the matter.

... which would tend to bring us back to the original question: I did
not see any mention of the intended user of said WYSIWYG editor.

Working with people whose job is not coding but writing, Dreamweaver,
or any WYSIWYG editor, although not perfect, did the job for them.

So I guess for some people such as them, there's no question
whatsoever about diving into the code: they won't try, period. (and of
course I can't blame them for it, we as web developers have created
the situation where clients are also content producers, instead of
keeping on doing day-to-day hand-coded webmastering).

In this case, I go the DW route, and don't ask for more, because I
know they won't be willing to learn (or even able to learn, for lack
of time), and eventually if I ask them for better code I'll be doing
bit-by-bit webmastering like in olden days instead of developing more
complex applications (and in the process I'm keeping the most fun part
of the experience for me ;)).

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