[thelist] Frontpage verses Dreamweaver

Stephanie Leary s-leary at tamu.edu
Thu Apr 14 08:49:32 CDT 2005

> one - indentation - yes this is the most annoying one, I don't want my
> indentation look like a chainsaw.

A number of people have been complaining about this. Folks, you can set 
the preferences so that DW will not change your careful hand coding. 
Preferences -> Code Format. Indenting is the first option. There are 
several more here, and there's another section called Code Rewriting 
you might also find useful.

The tool does not suck in this respect; its default settings just don't 
meet your unusually exacting standards. The fix is a simple checkbox in 
the prefs.

> six, people say that it is slow on OSX (I do not have one, thus I have
> not tested)

The first MX 2004 release, 7.0, was horribly slow. The 7.1 update fixed 
this problem. That's not to say it never bogs down, but now it happens 
no more often that it did in Windows, at least.

> seven, CSS based design render awful in design view - they have fixed
> it a little but it's still bad.  How something that is somewhat of a
> de facto standard in web design it can't even render CSS properly ?!

Browsers don't even render a lot of CSS-based design properly. Cut 
Macromedia a wee bit of slack here. I've used a number of two-column 
layouts and several three-column ones (Holly 'n John's Piefecta, 
notably) with no trouble at all, and it handles list-based nav menus 
very well, even playing nicely with most of my IE hacks. No, it doesn't 
do every layout perfectly, and I will grant you that its rendering does 
fall short of most browsers, even, but Macromedia has made (is making, 
most likely) a huge effort to get this right.

If you know of specific rendering problems, I'm sure they'd love to 
hear about them:

Stephanie Leary
Web Communications Specialist
TAMUS Health Science Center
s-leary at tamu.edu

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