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Jim Davies jimdav at mindspring.com
Thu Apr 14 10:19:37 CDT 2005


Have you looked at MCart 2005? , (not MCart or MCartPro - these two are
lower end solutions.)

I'm setting up MCart2005 for use with a client marketing in the US, Canada
and possibly other countries.  MCart2005 allows multiple currencies,
multiple languages, etc.It is not a 'free' one.  The more I get into it,
the more I like it.  It's totaly flexible but that flexibility does come
with a price of a small learning curve for the first one.  

It can handle exchange rates, various discounts, various pricing
structures, shipping, taxes, checkout, affiliates, newsletters, etc. 
Gateway/merchant account is available as well.

Contact me offline if you like.

Jim Davies
jimdav at mindspring.com
jim at EagleWebWorx.com

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