[thelist] [ASP.NET] CHECKED attribute of radio button --problemsetting it within asp repeater

Michele Foster (WizarDev) michele at wizardev.ca
Thu Apr 14 12:03:52 CDT 2005

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From: "Jason Handby" <jasonh at corestar.co.uk>

> > Have your dataset use either true or false rather than "CHECKED".
> >
> > Then, do something like
> >
> > Checked=<%# Container.DataItem("IsActiveChecked") %>
> I tried that -- it doesn't work. The browser interprets "Checked=anything"
> as being the same as "Checked". It seems that only the presence of the
> attribute "Checked" counts, not what it's set to.


You need to evaluate your value before you even write out checked= .  I
don't know ASP.net, but in ASP I would do something like ..

<input type="radio" name="WantSex" id="WantSex" value="1" <%If MyField then
response.write " checked=""checked"""%> />


<input type="radio" name="SexWith" id="SexWith" value="jason" <%If MyField =
"jason" then response.write " checked=""checked"""%> />


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