[thelist] CMS Quest

Rich Points rich at richpoints.com
Thu Apr 14 13:58:55 CDT 2005

I just discovered http://typo3.org/  I installed it and have been 
playing around with it for a few days, if it does everything it claims 
this thing is IT.  Is anyone out there using Typo3?  What has been your 


Alliax wrote:

> If you wait just a few days, http://www.drupal.org V4.6 will be released
> it can do everything you mentionned (with the possible exception of 
> "and from which articles they come") and has an ecommerce module
> And much much more, it's in PHP & MySQL and you might like it so much 
> that you will want to use it for future projects or moving existing 
> ones over to Drupal.
> Hershel Robinson wrote:
>> I of course am looking for something flexible with a CSS-layout-based 
>> front
>> end. The choices of technology are not much of an issue, nor is a 
>> reasonable
>> one-time purchase cost.
>> Any ideas for the CMS (and the e-commerce too) are appreciated.

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