[thelist] CMS Quest

Jonathan Dillon jdillon at boehm-ritter.com
Thu Apr 14 16:47:34 CDT 2005

> I just discovered http://typo3.org/  I installed it and have been playing
around with it for a few days, if it > does everything it claims this thing
is IT.  Is anyone out there using Typo3?  What has been your experience?

I thought it was too.  But after I started implementing stuff with it, and
had to start dealing with typoscript, I started to hate it.  It's not built
around any standardization, though there is a project out there to make an
OO typoscript version, which would help.  

Still, the CORE (not just a template language) of the OS runs off a
proprietary, relatively undocumented typoscript library.  It's also got
lousy support for web standards (yes, you can hack it in, but at least two
of the other three CMS systems I'm going to mention have it out of the box
in the admin, if you want it).  It produces good valid XHTML.  I'm talking
about admin.

Training for the product is very good.

Read comments here:

As a non-Christian, I personally found the developer's very Christian
foundation objectionable, and would avoid it just on that basis.  We started
calling it the Jesus Christ CMS, because even the test images for
ImageMagick were of Jesus.

YMMV, but I dropped it.

I use eZ Publish and Drupal for larger clients, and Mambo for small sites


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