[thelist] CMS Quest

Aaron Wormus aaron at wormus.com
Fri Apr 15 00:41:57 CDT 2005

Rich Points wrote:

> I just discovered http://typo3.org/  I installed it and have been 
> playing around with it for a few days, if it does everything it claims 
> this thing is IT.  Is anyone out there using Typo3?  What has been 
> your experience?

Typo3 is one of the only really advanced open source CMS systems 
available. It shouldn't be compared to Drupal or Mambo since the 
objective is quite different.

Drupal is focused on community sites, Mambo isn't as focused but is 
(IMO) more difficult to customize. The programable interface that Typo3 
provides makes it far more suited for wider usage, from small company 
websites, to larger infrastructures with users/groups etc.  This added 
functionality comes at the price of a steep learning curve, but it is 
certainly worth it.

Here in Germany the user base of Typo3 is very big but the great thing 
about it is that you can't recognise Typo3 sites like you can *nuke, or 
Drupal sites. A nice example of Typo3 is the LinuxTag site: 

> Rich
> Alliax wrote:
>> If you wait just a few days, http://www.drupal.org V4.6 will be released
>> it can do everything you mentionned (with the possible exception of 
>> "and from which articles they come") and has an ecommerce module
>> And much much more, it's in PHP & MySQL and you might like it so much 
>> that you will want to use it for future projects or moving existing 
>> ones over to Drupal.
>> Hershel Robinson wrote:
>>> I of course am looking for something flexible with a 
>>> CSS-layout-based front
>>> end. The choices of technology are not much of an issue, nor is a 
>>> reasonable
>>> one-time purchase cost.
>>> Any ideas for the CMS (and the e-commerce too) are appreciated.

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