[thelist] [ASP.NET] CHECKED attribute ofradiobutton--problemsetting it within asp repeater

Jonathan R. Karlen jkarlen at infoniq.com
Fri Apr 15 05:59:55 CDT 2005

Then again, if you insist on using the classic radio/checkbox what you'd
might want to do is set your data field to either "checked"  or "".  So
echoing the field value would either produce an on radio/checkbox or not.

But, and as a classic ASP developer who transitioned to .NET kicking and
screaming I can relate, if you're going to use .NET you might as well use
the native controls - they're really pretty powerful. 

Jonathan R. Karlen
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ofradiobutton--problemsetting it within asp repeater

> Oh.  I didn't read this carefully enough.  I had assumed you
> were using ASP.NET checkboxes or radio buttons.  This first 
> begs the question - why not?

Good question. I can't think of a good reason :-)   Thanks for the



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