[thelist] Reliable Web hosting - need advice

Steve Lewis nepolon at worlddomination.net
Sat Apr 16 13:48:45 CDT 2005

Konstantine wrote:

> I am looking for a basic hosting package. Most of my sites are static
> html pages, with some CGI scripts for contact forms etc. If
> server-side scripting (ASP, PHP or JSP) is included this would be a
> bonus. To enable comparison I am currently paying £6/month/hosting.

Sounds like you don't need much at this time, but that there is room for 
the sites to grow?  After three months with them, I am very happy with 
http://www.textdrive.com for small blog/CMS oriented sites.

Mostly-static html sites would do just as well, I'm sure.  If their 
basic plan works for your needs you might give them a try: given the 
current exchange rate it shouldn't cost you much more than you are 
paying now.  ASP isn't available, but otherwise you would be good.

Steve Lewis

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