[thelist] SSL Question

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Sun Apr 17 04:34:31 CDT 2005

A client of mine wants to accept credit card donations via third party site.
The third party is a partner site and has put on their site a donation page
from our site, so it looks exactly like our site. The partner site has SSL.
My client wants to mask the URL so the user doesn't realize he has left our

If I use a frameset with one frame and load into that frame the third-party
page, then of course my page is not SSL. Someone who advises my client
suggested we could use a 30 dollar "Turbo SSL™ Secure Certificate Domain
Only Validation" certificate from godaddy. We could install that on our site
and then have a secure page.

Anyone see anything wrong with this? It appears to be their low-end product,
but I presume that will be fine for our needs.


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