[thelist] [css] IE 6 ate my nav menu

raskenbo raskenbo at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 15:52:46 CDT 2005

On 4/19/05, Maximillian Schwanekamp <lists at neptunewebworks.com> wrote:
> My nav menu has gone awol, presentationally speaking.  Can someone tell
> me what's wrong with my CSS?  The page itself validates, and I'm baffled
> as to what's wrong with it.  FF & Safari show the nav OK.  In IE 6 it's
> just... gone.
> http://colorgrown.neptunewebworks.com/
> CSS file:
> http://colorgrown.neptunewebworks.com/css/homepage.css  (imports
> main.css on first line)


I had a quick look and I'm only guessing but if I we're
troubleshooting this I'd...

1 - Look at the image paths. (you are not always consistent with this)
2 - Look at how you display background image  (you are not always
consistent with this - background, background-image)
3 - Consolidate both style sheets

As I've said, I'm only guessing butt IE may have issues with the above
(or FF may be forgiving).

If none of the above helps, simplify your code and rebuild
step-by-step until the problem re-occurs.
Ken Chase
Freelance Web Design

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