[thelist] cross-platform file names

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Wed Apr 20 16:51:35 CDT 2005

Jeffery To wrote:

> What happens when we extend the practice of avoiding problematic 
> characters to file names with accented characters? (If I have two French 
> files named "âge" and "âgé", do I rename them to "ge", or "age"?) What 
> about Chinese file names?

"âge" is not ambiguous -- "â    ge" is :-)  (is four spaces a
series of 4 %20s or a single %09?)

And the "transcribability" guidelines in the cited document are
about non-tecnical people being able to, say, scribble a URI on a
piece of paper and give it to a friend, who then enters the URI in
their browser. That doesn't preclude using "âge" and "âgé".

> BTW I'd be interested to know of any browsers that will show %20's 
> instead of spaces to the user. 

My Firefox (SuSE) and IE (W2K) both show %20 and %09 in the address
bar; a directory listing from a Tomcat server shows two seemingly
identical listings, though Apache shows the expanded tab (though
with no indication whether it's a tab or multiple spaces)...

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