[thelist] personal PHP preference inquiry

Phil Turmel philip at turmel.org
Sat Apr 23 19:57:04 CDT 2005

Rick den Haan wrote:
> I was wondering how all you PHP programmers out there work with custom
> functions. [/snip]


I suspect everyone's all over the map on this...

Since I use a common include file to handle sessions and security 
site-wide, most generic stuff for the site gets defined there.  But I 
keep classes each in their own file, to keep their methods obviously 
segregated from general purpose functions.  In the rare cases where a 
particular page needs a unique function, I define it in the page.

I've standardized the session/security include file so it can easily be 
used for other sites by adjusting a handful of global variables, 
security scheme, and the contents of "PageStart" and "Navigation" 
functions (head section and end-of-body div for navigation, respectively).

Works for me....


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